Trendy backpacks

When buying a new backpack, the functionality of the bag itself has been the most important requirement for a long time. The bag needed to have the right size, enough separate compartments for your keys, cell phone and glasses, and comfortable shoulder straps to carry the weight. But functionality alone is not enough anymore for a backpack to be sold today; appearance does matter too.

Many well-known fashion brands are zeroing in on this new consumer demand, by expanding their product ranges with trendy backpacks of all kinds. Sports brands in India like Puma, Nike and Adidas have their very own collection of backpacks in different colours, shapes and sizes. They have even made a distinction between bags especially for men, with a sporty look, and bags for women, with pink details.

But not only have the sports brands made their move onto the market of backpacks. Brands that have nothing to do with fashion, have also designed backpacks for their fans to enjoy. Are you a huge Ferrari fanatic? Then you can express your love for these sports cars by carrying a real Ferrari backpack. But also Disney has given their fans the opportunity to go to school with a backpack with their favourite Disney character on it; from Toy Story for the boys, to Hannah Montana for the girls.

And the good thing is: not only are the backpacks mentioned above very stylish and fashionable, giving you the opportunity to disseminate your own style, they are also functional and very comfortable to wear. These backpacks offer you the best of both worlds: the user-friendliness that we have always wanted in a backpack, combined with the fashion trends of today.


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