The ideal backpack for school or work

Backpacks are ideal for carrying your work or school related stuff around. The weight of goods you have to take with you is neatly distributed over both shoulders, making it easier to carry a heavy load like books and laptops around. But how do you decide what type of backpack is most suitable for you?

First of all, it is wise to take the material of the backpack into consideration. Although canvas backpacks are extremely popular today, they won’t withstand a heavy rain shower. If you want to make your school books, laptop or other supplies to last through the rain, it is better to look for a backpack that is made of a material that is more water resistant. You could think of synthetic materials, or leather. Both of these materials are known to be strong and more or less water proof.

Apart from the material, the design of the backpack also plays a role in how suitable it is to carry heavy items to school or work. Backpacks with a consolidated back panel have proven to be more durable and more comfortable to wear. A design like this gives a little extra support to your back and prevents sharp corners of books from pricking into your back.

Another important thing you should think of when looking for the ideal backpack for work or school, is how many compartments you need to organise your stuff. If you carry nothing but keys and a wallet with you apart from your books or laptop, a small additional compartment besides the main section should be enough. However, when you also carry your sunglasses, cell phone, passport and lipstick around everywhere you go, chances are that you will be happier with a backpack that offers you more opportunities to organise your things with extra compartments. Having your sunglasses cracked by the weight of your books is no fun.


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