How to pack a backpack for travels

If you are going to travel with a backpack you might not think about how to pack your bag. You will probably think about what kind of stuff you are taking with you. If you do decide what to take with you the next step is tot hink about how you want to pack everything. It will make your travels a lot easier if you have a proper system. But first things first. Older backpacks tend to have one big opening at the top so your backpack will look like one big sack. This is not very practical because if you need one thing you probably have to take everything out to get to the bottom. It is much more practical to buy a backpack which has one big zipper all over the front of the back. Then it is much easier to get just one thing out of it.

Put stuff that you only need a t night at the bottom of your backpack like your tent sleeping bag and pyjama’s. Then they will not get in the way when you need something like your water bottle. The core of your backpack is something else. Packing the core of your backpack it is very practical to stuff it with food and your watter supply. Make sure that you even out the balance of your backpack with your the weight off all your stuff. In the top of your backpack you should putt stuff that you need all trough the day like sunscreen, sunglasses, water, headlamp, bugspray, compass, GPS and a first aid kit. Make sure you don’t have to much gear that is loosly tied to your backpack. It can easily come off. If you are not sure how to pack your bag ask someone who has experience wit hit.


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