Festival packpack

Not only is the holiday season coming up again, so is the festival season. A crucial must-have when going to a festival, is a decent backpack. After all, there is a lot of stuff that you need to bring when you go camping for a couple of days.

First of all, you are no-where without your tent. But a tent alone won’t make a comfortable festival residence. You also need your sleeping-mat, your sleeping-bag, a pair (or a few, depending on your hygienic standards) of clean socks and underwear, a pair of rain boots, sunscreen, and so on. The list of essentials is quite extensive, therefore you need to find a way to transport everything you need in an easy manner. And this is where a backpack comes in handy.

Backpacks allow you to pack everything you need in a compact way. Larger items, like your sleeping-mat, can be strapped on the outside of the backpack, saving you a lot of space. Another big plus, is that they are light-weight, and you can keep your hands free. Think of what an anguish it would be if you would have to carry a heavy suitcase through the mud and lift it over puddles of water… It is these moments when you will be happy that you have invested in a backpack and you can just step over the puddles, while carrying your luggage on your back. Don’t let the transportation of your festival-gear in a suitcase give you a bad start to a good thing. It just might ruin your first festival day if you strain your arms while lifting up the weight. Be wise, get a backpack, and thank us later.


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