Backpack accessories

Even when you feel that you have found the right backpack for your travels, you can still get more out of it. Nowadays, you can choose from a whole lot of accessories to upgrade your backpack and make backpacking even more fun.

An essential accessory that every backpacker should have, no matter the destination, is a backpack cover. You can use these covers to protect your backpack when you travel through rainy areas, so you can be a hundred percent sure the contents of your backpack will remain dry. These covers are light weight, so you don’t have to carry along a lot of extra weight.

Another useful accessory is a wire cage for your backpack. You can protect your gear with this accessory when you have to leave your stuff unattended for a while. Not only allows the wire cage to lock your backpack onto a pole or other objects, it also stops burglars from opening your backpack and getting their hands on your belongings.

Are you travelling with a map? Then you might be happy with a map wrap. This thing keeps your map protected from rain but still easily accessible at all times, and can simply be attached to one of the shoulder straps of your backpack.

Also when you are looking for some more comfort during your breaks, there is the perfect gadget. You can attach a small, lightweight cushion to your backpack that you can sit on. This way, your backpack itself can function as a back rest, and you don’t have to sit down on wet or sandy surfaces.

Go to an outdoor shop to get inspired, and make backpacking an even more fun way of travelling.


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