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Travel with backpack

Are you going to make a long trip? Are you planning on travelling around? Using a lot of public transportation? Staying in youth hostels? Then a backpack might be a better travel companion for you than a regular suitcase. A backpack makes you more mobile, because you carry the weight on your body and you can keep your hands free. However, since you will be carrying your luggage around for the entire duration of your trip, you need to think carefully in advance what you are going to bring with you and what other things are not strictly necessary.

There are some things that you can’t do without when you are staying away from home for a longer period of time; the bare necessities for any backpacker. These are, in the first place, your clothes. Always make sure to bring clothes for all possible weather conditions and also bring plenty of socks, so you can always put on a dry pair in case your feet get wet in the rain.

Other necessities you would definitely want to put in your backpack, are toiletries and some basic medication, like pain killers and a first aid kit, because it’s always better to be safe than sorry, but also make sure to bring some snacks and water, in case you get lost and there’s no supermarket to be found.

Other things you might want to bring but that are not really necessary for your survival as a backpacker, are a camera, e-reader (which is a perfect travel accessory because it weighs less than one book, but you can upload hundreds of titles to it), your phone and a charger, and some miscellaneous things like an umbrella and a travel guide.

Are you still tempted to bring much more than this? Try walking around with your packed backpack for about an hour and see how you feel about it then!